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Voting and Elections Guide

How to Become the President of the United States Infographic

How to become the president of the united states infographic

Electoral College

It will take 270 electoral votes to win the 2024 presidential election. Click on the map below to create your own predictions.

More info on the Electoral College

U. S. Electoral College

Click the map to create your own at

Additional Resources

GEORGE WASHINGTON - (1732-1799). First President of the United States. The inauguration of George Washington as the first President of the United States at Federal Hall, New York City, 30 April 1789. Oil on canvas, 1899, by Ramon de Elorriaga.
  • The American Presidency Project :One of the most comprehensive collection of web resources on the American presidency, including documents, public papers, executive orders, addresses, press conferences, debates, election data, approval ratings, and much more
  • The Presidents: Information about the Presidents and First Ladies from
  • The Living Room Candidate :Created by the America Museum of the Moving Images in cooperation with the Political Communication Center, University of Oklahoma, The Living Room Candidate provides a history of presidential campaign commercials starting with 1952.
  • White House (Executive Office of the President) official website: Access up-to-date information on the executive branch of the United States. Watch the Presidential weekly address, access information on the White House staff, and the current issues faced by the U.S. government