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Voting and Elections Guide

Countdown to the Election- November 5th!

The primary election will take place on  Nov. 5, 2024. For this election, eligible voters must be registered to vote must register by Oct., 5th. 



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Recommended Websites

Elections and Voting Information- Research your Ballot:

  • Ballotpedia Covers local, state and federal politics. The content includes neutral, accurate, and verifiable information on government officials and the offices they hold, political issues and public policy, elections, candidates, and the influencers of politics.
  • The Election Assistance Commission  Election Assistance Commission features calendars, voter registration forms, in addition to surveys and studies about US elections along with the National Voter Registration Act.
  • VoteSmart  One-stop resource that provides factual and unbiased information on elections as well as local and national US candidates and elected officials.

Find Out Where You Can Vote:

Political Fact Checking:

Public Opinion Polls:
  • Gallup "Gallup delivers analytics and advice to help leaders and organizations solve their most pressing problems."
  • RealClear Politics Under the umbrella of RealClear Media Group (RCMG) – "encompassing 15 specialty areas of coverage, original reporting from our staff of seasoned reporters, live events, the well-known RCP Poll Average, and original video." Tends to steer right.

Political Parties:

Campaign Advertising: