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Interlibrary Loan & TexShare

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Interlibrary Loan?
Interlibrary loan is a service provided to you by the A&M-SA University Library. The library works with other local, state, national, and worldwide libraries to obtain materials for you that are not currently available in our collections. You can request books, articles, book chapters, microfilm, conference proceedings, theses, dissertations, and more through interlibrary loan. Lending libraries determine what materials they are willing to loan through interlibrary loan. A&M-SA University Library will notify you if an item you request is not obtainable. 


The A&M-SA University Library will make every attempt to borrow a copy of the material requested through interlibrary loan, however, not all materials are obtainable.  The lending restrictions of other libraries, cost to borrow materials, and a small pool of lending libraries are just a few of the reasons why an interlibrary loan request might be cancelled.

Using Interlibrary Loan
All currently enrolled A&M-SA students and currently employed faculty and staff are eligible to use our interlibrary loan services. During any intersession, undergraduate and graduate students may request materials through interlibrary loan if they can provide proof of enrollment in the next semester directly following the intersession. Each patron will have one account. You may not allow other people to use your account, as you are responsible for all items in your account. You must log in to ILLiad to submit requests and retrieve documents. Students will log in with your Jaguar Login which is either your K number or a combination of your name (ex. jsmith34) and the password you use to log in to the computers on-campus. Your password is what you use to login to the computers on-campus. Faculty and staff, you will log in with your network ID and network password.

Interlibrary loan services for A&M-SA students, faculty, and staff are free. Patrons are responsible for any fines incurred due to overdue, lost, or damaged materials.

Required Fields
Fill in all required fields for the item you are requesting. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Length of Time to Receive Items
Requests may take one to three weeks to process and fill, depending on availability and the type of item requested. Start your research early to ensure you get your materials in a timely manner. When making a request in ILLiad, you may indicate the date at which you will no longer need the item requested. You will be contacted if your request cannot be filled by the deadline you specify.

Notification of Interlibrary Loans
Email notifications are sent to your university email address. You will receive a notice when your request is available.  Users can also receive text message notifications.  For more details, ask at the library's information desk.

Maximum Number of Requests
At this time, there is no limit on the number of requests you may make.

Loan Periods
Loan periods are determined by the lending library.

Current A&M-SA Textbooks

The library does not borrow current textbooks being used by A&M-SA through interlibrary loan.  This includes both physical textbooks, ebooks and older editions.  Often times other schools are unable to lend these materials since they are on reserve for their own students or are checked out by their own students. 

Picking Up and Returning ILL Materials
Items not delivered electronically through ILLiad may be picked up at the A&M-SA University Library. Items must also be returned to the University Library.

Renewal information is available on the book band located on the book you received through interlibrary loan. Not all items are renewable. If “No Renewals” is checked on the book band, you cannot renew the item. If “One Renewal Allowed” is checked on the book band, you may contact the A&M-SA University Library to ask for this privilege. Please contact us regarding renewals at least five days before the item is due.

Overdue Books
Overdue notices are sent to your university email address when an item is one, two, and three weeks overdue. Patrons are responsible for any fines incurred because an item is overdue.

Blocked Accounts
Your account will be blocked when the third overdue notice is sent out. The block on your account will be removed when you have returned all overdue materials and have paid any fines incurred for the overdue materials.

A&M-SA University Library abides by copyright laws and reserves the right to refuse any request that violates federal copyright statutes.