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About the Library

Welcome from the Library

Hello!  The University Library strives to support all students and faculty through relevant and timely resources, services, and spaces.  As an e-preferred library, the majority of the resources that our campus constituents need are available 24/7/365 from any computer.  Assistance is available in person at the library's information desk on the first floor or via live online chat all hours that the library is open.  There are dedicated subject librarians for each college, who will assist students and faculty one-on-one, provide instruction on specific resources, and purchase/license resources needed for coursework and research in the colleges.

We welcome your feedback and input in order to provide the best resources and services possible.  Thank you for visiting our website!

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Research Appointments Available Now!

Please use the Schedule Appointment button below to request a meeting with:

Bryant: First Year Seminar Courses

Emily: Arts & Sciences: Social Sciences, English, Art, Music

Kim: All College of Education & Human Development Courses

Leslie: History, Archives & Special Collections

Rachel: College of Business Courses



Library Staff

Pru Morris, Interim Executive Director of Library & Special Collections, Head of Collections Services 
Digital Resources, Collections, Systems 
(210) 784-1502

Emily Bliss-Zaks , Arts & Sciences Librarian
Liaison to Social Sciences, Art, Music, English, Philosophy 
(210) 784-1506 

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Venicia Brooks, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Jessica Burnette, Library Associate I Public Services
Social Media, Displays, Programming, Interlibrary Loan 
(210) 784-1514

Jasmine Douglas, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Annabel Duran, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Jeanine Edralin, Administrative Coordinator I
(210) 784-1525

Cody Escobar, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Melissa Gamez Herrera, Library Associate II Collections Services
Acquisitions & Cataloging 
(210) 784-1505

Cat Garza, Library Associate I
Archives & Special Collections
(210) 784-1508

Kim Gonzalez, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Kimberly Grotewold, Education Librarian
Liaison to Education and Human Development 
(210) 784-1519 

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Diana Holguin, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1512

Bianca Ibarra, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1521

Deirdre McDonald, Head of Research Services
Digital Commons, Copyright, Scholarly Communications 
(210) 784-1503

Bryant Moore, First-Year Experience Librarian
Liaison to First-Year Experience 
(210) 784-1507

Schedule an Appointment

Jamey Nail, Library Associate I Collections Services
Digital Resources, Library Technology, Statistics 
(210) 784-1521

Fabian Olvera, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Rachel Pecotte, Business Librarian
Liaison to College of Business 
(210) 784-1510 

Sarah Phillips, Library Specialist II
Public Services
(210) 784-1528

Sebastian Rivera, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Nadia Sotelo, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Leslie Stapleton, Head of Archives and Special Collections 
History, Archives Instruction, Archival Research 
(210) 784-1516

Sarah Timm, Head of Public Services
Circulation, Interlibrary Loan, TexShare, Reserves, Room Reservations, Programming
(210) 784-1504

Naomi Willis, Student Worker II
(210) 784-1500

Jeremy Zuni, Processing Archivist
Archival Research 
(210) 784-1518

Library Services and Collections Information

2023 Visitor and Services Information

The library had 58,445 visitors in fiscal year 2023.  Librarians and staff at the information desk answered 5,480 in-person questions, 532 phone and 352 online questions received either through chat or email.  Library staff also answered 80 text questions.  Over 8,542 volumes, media, equipment and study rooms were checked out.

2023 Collection Information

Number of print books, media and curriculum resources           31,727

Number of electronic books                                                        810,747

Number of databases                                                                 399

Number of journals                                                                     152,315

Number of items borrowed through interlibrary loan                   1,034


Library Features

The library is located in the building South of Classroom Hall and features approximately 40 study rooms that can be checked out for both individual study or group work. The study rooms feature dry erase boards, electrical outlets, wall mounted LCD monitors (except in micro study rooms) and tables for studying and powering electronic devices.  Be sure to take advantage of our family study room that is available for students who need to bring their children with them.  The room features children's toys and games to keep your little ones entertained while you study.  Please see the study room policy for more details.

The library also features a Silent Study Zone in room 301 A that is open to patrons who require a distraction free space to study individually and who are willing to help promote as noiseless an environment as possible for all users.  Please review the silent study zone policy for more details. 

For groups of students looking for a place to meet on demand and work productively together, look no further than the library's Collaborative Zone which is located in room 103.  The room features multiple moveable tables and chairs, moveable white boards, and the tools needed to construct student teaching projects, poster and presentation creations, and other creative and artistic products or course assignments.