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Social Studies Methods PreK-12 Research Guide


Welcome to the Library's guide to finding resources for teaching social studies. 

Use the menu on the left side of the screen to access research, writing, and lesson planning tools which will help you complete assignments in your social studies methods courses.

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Find a Research Topic

Looking for a Topic Idea for a Research Paper or Project in Education?

Browse or search these sources for possibilities:

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Finvertical navigation menu listing starting points for research and library-related questionsd Answers to Library-Related Questions & Refresh Your Research Skills using the Library's FAQ Site!

Not sure what a peer-reviewed article is, or how to borrow a book that is owned by another library--We offer answers to these questions and more!

Recent Articles on Teaching Social Studies

Trying to Keep Up with Current Scholarly and Professional Literature on Teaching Social Studies?

Read/Skim these articles from The Social Studies journal.

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Research Tutorials for Education Students!

Not Sure How to Begin a Research Assignment on an Education Topic?

Complete the series of tutorials below to explore research strategies and the thinking processes behind them.

The videos below cover similar content.

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