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Sample Books on Reading and Literacy

Teachers As Decision Makers

The author "draws on years of research and countless interactions with students and teachers to present a framework of instructional decision making centered on the readers we work with, the books we share with them, and the instructional objectives we guide them toward." The book includes "50 quick reference Decision Guides for practical planning and responding in three instructional areas: Word Solving, Fluency and Expression, and Comprehension."

Assessment for Reading Instruction

The book "explains how to use both formal and informal assessments to evaluate students' strengths and needs in all components of reading." The work "includes 30 reproducible tools, plus an additional multipage assessment in an online-only appendix."

Teaching Readers (Not Reading)

"Reading instruction is too often grounded in a narrowly defined "science of reading" that focuses exclusively on cognitive skills and strategies. Yet cognition is just one aspect of reading development. This book guides K-8 educators to understand and address other scientifically supported factors that influence each student's literacy learning, including metacognition, motivation and engagement, social-emotional learning, self-efficacy, and more."

TExES Science of Teaching Reading Practice Questions

"TExES STR practice questions are designed to prepare you for the real test.... Mometrix includes detailed answer explanations for each question" which can help you understand why you got specific questions wrong and determine how to focus your test prep.

Fundamentals of Literacy Instruction and Assessment, Pre-K-6

"Understand the science of reading and how to implement evidence-based instruction to increase the reading and writing achievement of pre-K-6 students, including those at risk for reading difficulties."