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Reading Research Guide

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  • This page contains videos and tutorials particularly relevant to courses offered through the College of Education & Human Development.
  • Still have questions? Contact Kimberly Grotewold, Education Librarian.
Note: The organization of this page is mainly by subject/topic
  • Use the headings and scroll the page to find what most closely meets your needs.

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Counseling Tutorials & Videos

Counseling Research Tutorials (Include Activities to Complete)

Counseling Research Videos

Education Research & Related Topics

Education Research Tutorials (Include Activities to Complete)

Other Education Tutorials (Include Activities to Complete)

Education Research Videos

Other Education Videos

APA 7th Edition

These Tutorials & Videos Provide Various Levels of Assistance (Basic to Advanced) for APA 7th Edition

Citing Primary Sources (versus Using Secondary Citations) in APA Style, 7th Edition

Because scholarly academic journal articles cite many sources within various sections of their texts, it can be difficult to determine who should be credited for specific ideas and how to do this correctly in one's own writing. These videos are an attempt to break this down using specific examples from within sample articles.