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Counseling & Human Services Research Guide

Research and Practitioner-Oriented Resources for Counseling Students

Counseling & Human Services Research Overview

Approaches to Researching Counseling & Human Services TopicsDark silhouette image of woman with outline of brain and lightbulbs with brain outlines on faded backdrop of bookshelves

The A&M-SA Library provides access to approximately 300 databases that can be searched for information. Some of these databases cover several subject areas (ProQuest Central, JSTOR), while others are more specific to individual disciplines or groups of related fields (APA PsycInfo, IEEE Xplore Digital Library, ERIC). Some databases and search tools are best for locating materials in specific formats like books/e-books, streaming video, or news sources.

So how do you choose which databases or other tools to use in your searches?

Questions to Consider when Deciding where to Search for Information

  • Topic Questions --> Can be helpful in identifying subject databases to search
    • Who are the intended clients? (families, children, military personnel, etc.)
    • What is the setting where services are to be provided? (clinics, private practice, schools, service organizations, etc.)
  • Information Format Questions --> Peer-reviewed articles are not always the best place to find definitions and statistics
    • What types of information do you need? (definitions, theories, statistics, peer-reviewed articles, other)

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Library FAQ Link

Finvertical navigation menu listing starting points for research and library-related questionsd Answers to Library-Related Questions & Refresh Your Research Skills using the Library's FAQ Site!

Not sure what a peer-reviewed article is, or how to borrow a book that is owned by another library--We offer answers to these questions and more!